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How to record with a video embedded in your PowerPoint presentation  



Version 1.01 – March 2022


Embedding a video in a PowerPoint presentation

1. To insert a video, click on the "Insert" panel.

2. Click on "Video"

3. If you would like to insert a video which is already on your computer, click on “video from file”, and select the video you would like to embed.

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    If you would like to insert a video from the internet, select “online film” and past the link into the text box.

4. With the video selected, navigate to the “Playback” panel, and choose when you would like the video to start. 

In Click Sequence: Starts the video as you click to progress.


Automatically: Starts the video when you begin the slide. 


When Clicked on: Starts the video when you click on the video.

Preparing your Rapidmooc to record


1. With your presentation open and your device connected to the HDMI PC port, open the Rapidmooc application and select “Record video”

2. Select your desired video mode.

3. Enable and adjust the necessary audio inputs by navigating to “Settings” > “Microphones”.
N.B., Red indicates an input is disabled, and green indicates an input is enabled.

4. Perform a test recording to ensure the audio levels are satisfactory and make any necessary adjustments.

5. When you're ready, record your video.