How to integrate with Kaltura 



V1.0 – August 2021 



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Kaltura Settings 

From the home screen of the Rapidmooc application, click on the "settings" button.  


On the Settings screen, select the Video platform Tab 

Then select Kaltura in the platform list 

Enter your Panopto server address in the Video platform URL field 

Enter your Partner Id in the Security parameter #1 field 

Enter your Admin Secret code in the Security parameter #2 field  

Click on the Save button and go back to the home screen 




Authentication must be performed before videos can be uploaded to Kaltura. 

Once the Kaltura plugin has been configured, you have access to authentication from the home page. 


Enter your login and password and click on the Sign In button. 


Please note that the password must be left blank if your Kaltura platform relies on an SSO authentication server. 

Once authentication has been completed, the message below appears on the screen. 


You will then be able to upload your recordings from the share button when viewing a video. 

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