How to correctly setup and use augmented reality 



Version 1.01 – October 2021




Formatting your PowerPoint for augmented reality


  1. Format the background of your PowerPoint by right clicking on the PowerPoint slide and selecting "Format Background".
  2.  Click on the pain bucket and click “More Colours”.
  3. Click on “Custom” and set Red and Blue to 0 and Green to 255
  4. Add any additional elements to your presentation, save your PowerPoint and connect your device to the HDMI PC port


Setting up augmented reality in the Rapidmooc application

  1. With your presentation open and your device connected to the HDMI PC port, open the Rapidmooc application and select "Record video".
  2. Click on "Video mode" and select "Augmented reality".
  3. Select "Content source" and make sure the source "Laptop" is enabled. N.B., when a source is enabled, the box surrounding the source will be highlighted in green.
  4. Proceed to check if your camera framing and audio sources are correct.
  5. When you're ready, record your video.