How to enable (or recover) the output sound on your Rapidmooc TV screen


Version 1.1 – August 2021





Whether listening to a video recording, or attending a web meeting, you will most likely need to have the sound enabled on your Rapidmooc TV. However, sometimes sound may not play via your TV. This guide will help you troubleshoot this issue.

Selecting the correct sound output


To select the appropriate sound output, minimize or quit the Rapidmooc application.

Click on the “Speaker” icon at the bottom right corner of your screen: the following window will appear


Click on the arrow to see all available audio output options.


From this list, you should select PN-LT (NVIDIA HD Audio). This may vary depending on your TV model. 



If you don’t find the PN-LT option or if choosing it doesn’t help troubleshoot the issue, try the other options available.


Sound level


For the sound to be properly heard, please ensure that the volume is not on the minimum level. The volume can be adjusted by dragging the cursor to the desired value