Rapidmooc Go & Studio

Microsoft 365 and OneDrive Integration


V1.0 – December 2020




This document highlights how to authenticate with your Microsoft 365 login credentials within the Rapidmooc application and how to upload videos to your OneDrive storage space.


Your Rapidmooc studio must be connected to a network and granted access to your Microsoft 365 instance.

Configure the Microsoft 365 authentication 

From the home page, click on “Settings”

Once in the “Settings” screen, select “authentication” then select “Microsoft 365 user account” in the “user authentication” drop down menu. Click on the “Save” icon to save your preferences. 


Sign in with your Microsoft 365 account credentials

Go back to the “homepage” and click on the “Authentication” button.

Once in the authentication screen, click on “Sign in”



A Microsoft 365 sign in window pops up on screen. Enter your e-mail address and password, then validate.

Once connected to your Microsoft 365 account, the “Sign out’ button will be shown on screen. You can use it to disconnect from Microsoft 365 at any time. 

Please note that exiting the Rapidmooc application will automatically disconnect you from your Microsoft 365 account.



Upload videos to OneDrive

Uploading a video is possible at the end of a recording or by selecting a video in the “videos” section of the Rapidmooc application.

Upload a video at the end of a recording

At the end of a recording, a video player appears to replay the video. First Click on the “Share” button then select “Upload to one drive”.


The list of folders available in your OneDrive storage space appears. Select the folder you would like the video to be uploaded to then press “Select this folder”.

The upload will start immediately, and a visual will keep you informed of the upload status.

Upload a video from your list of videos

The list of videos is accessible from the homepage. Click on the “Videos” icon.

The list of the latest videos is visible on the screen. Click on the thumbnail of the video you would like to upload to your OneDrive.

In the video player, click on the “Share” button, and then follow the process as described previously in this document.

On the Roadmap

The Microsoft Office 365 integration will soon enable users to leverage documents that are available on their OneDrive. For example:

  • Start locally a PowerPoint presentation that is available on OneDrive
  • Upload a text directly from OneDrive to the teleprompter
  • Leverage multimedia content available on OneDrive (pictures, videos…)