Rapidmooc Go/Studio/Pro

Installing the new Application




For Rapidmooc's purchased after August 2021, step 1 - 3 are unnecessary 


1. Uninstall the previous software

  1. From the file explorer, go to c:/programmes/inwicast et click on the following link : unistall.exe (or uninstall00.exe).
  2. Open Windows parameters, go to Applications   and uninstall the Soft Vision.
  3. Restart the studio

Ideally, it would be great at this stage to shut down the studio and remove the Datapath card, the one with the 2 HDMI plugs side by side (but be careful not to mistake it with the NVIDIA graphic card)

2. Windows Configuration

Open the Windows parameters panel from the Windows menu



Go to System > Display and apply the following parameters:


Go to System > Display

Screen #1 

1920x1080 resolution, zoom 100%, Tick the box « Make this my main display »

Screen #2 (on port #4 of the Atem)

1920x1080 resolution, zoom 100%


Enabling the developer mode

Go to update and security > For Developers


3. Video sources Configuration 

Active video sources

The Rapidmooc studio new configuration uses 3 HDMI to USB capture boxes to receive the video sources :



Blackmagic Design

Video and audio sources for the webmeeting applications and the live streaming (Atem program output)

USB Capture HMDI+

Video and audio sources for the studio recordings (Atem program output)

USB Capture HDMI

Video source for collecting the displayed presentation (Laptop enrty)


4. Software Installation

Blackmagic Atem Mini software

9.2.1 version or later


Once on the page, go to the column Latest Downloads and download the latest Windows version of   ATEM Switchers

On the following screen, do not fill in the form and click on Download Only 

Team Viewer

Download the latest version from teamviewer.com

Rapidmooc Application

Download from the link below


Unzip the file and then go to the following directory


Right click snd choose « Execute with Powershell » in the contectual menu. Follow the on-screen instructions

Once installed, the Rapidmooc application can be accessed from the Windows menu

5. Automatic start of the Rapidmooc Application


First you need to get a *.lnk shortcut to the app. This can be done by pinning the app to the Start Menu as a tile and then dragging and dropping the tile to a folder or to the Desktop. This will create a shortcut that can launch the app.


To run the app automatically after boot, you can just put it into the Startup folder: press Win+R and type shell:startup. Everything in this folder is automatically opened after boot. You can just drag and drop your *.lnk file in this folder and reboot to see how it works.


From https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40003160/universal-windows-app-auto-startup


6. Magewell USB Capture Utility


Download from the link below