Rapidmooc Studio / Pro:

  1. Turn on the Receiver and Transmitter units.
  2. Open the battery door of both units, allowing access to the pair (red) buttons.
  3. On the Receiver unit, press and release the pair button (don't hold). The screen status should change to display a flashing channel number and a searching animation to indicate it is in pair mode.
  4. If you wish to select a specific channel number, press the 'CH'; button to cycle through to the desired channel.
  5. Press and release the pair button on the Transmitter (don't hold).
  6. Both units should now display a solid, matching channel number indicating that they are now paired.

For more information on the microphones:


Rapidmooc Go:

  1. Start with both devices powered off.
  2. Press and hold the power buttons on selected transmitter and receiver for (minimum of) 5 seconds to enable pairing on the devices.
  3. Both indicators will flash green and red, then turn solid green when pairing is complete

For more information on the microphones: