How to utilize the teleprompter action triggers to script your video


Version 1.1 – July 2021




The teleprompter can help you avoid memory lapses displaying the text you will narrate during your presentation, making you available to fully focus on your content and body language to create engaging videos. You can adjust the speed and size of the teleprompter display in the teleprompter settings.


However, the teleprompter is also a useful tool to script your video with the action triggers available in the teleprompter section.

Basic triggers 


The basic triggers will let the Rapidmooc studio know that it is time to perform some actions, without requiring your intervention.



[fade]: make the camera feed (speaker) disappear with a fade effect.


[pause]: pause the recording


[stop]: end the recording


[camera1]… [camera8]: switch from one camera angle to another with the pre-recorded camera pre-sets (in the camera framing section). You can set up to 8 camera pre-sets to be used in the teleprompter triggers.


[videosource1] … [videosource3]: Your studio will use the Rapidmooc camera (videosource1) by default, but you can connect (via HDMI) and control up to 2 additional cameras (like an iPhone for example) via the triggers. 


[click] *: this trigger is not an actual trigger, it is a reminder for the speaker to switch the PowerPoint slide when the word is highlighted in the teleprompter feed. No automatic action will result from this.


* Please note that any word within bracket will not appear in the subtitles automatically generated from the teleprompter text



Advanced triggers 


[Scene template]: you can insert or switch to an existing scene template automatically with this trigger. To insert a switch to a particular scene template, insert the trigger and select the wanted template from the menu list.


[Video mode]: this trigger let you automatically switch from one video mode to another, from the green screen mode to the augmented reality mode for example while recording.


Here are 2 examples:

- green screen: [vm:greenscreen]

- augmented reality: [vm:augmentedreality]


Preparing your script  


You can prepare your text in advance either as an RTF file, a .txt file, a word document or a PowerPoint document and import it using the load button within the teleprompter section. 

For RTF or word document, the import will keep the page and text set up in these documents. 

When importing a PowerPoint document, the text that will be imported is the slide note at the bottom of each slide. A [Slide#] will be automatically integrated as well. 

NB: In the event of using a Powerpoint presentation that is saved locally on your studio (requires a PowerPoint license), you may be able to have the prompter switch the slides automatically. Please refer to the document How to - Leveraging a PowerPoint presentation without connecting a laptop for more information