The Rapidmooc Studios does several basic editing features including cut clips, copy sections and pasting clips together. Fading in and out and transitions can all be completed during the recording live. 

Most of our customers tend to have limited use of the editing features as most of the videos recorded on the studio are 5 to 20 minutes long, so in most cases, it is quicker and simpler to do another take if you make a mistake. Also, as you're not using a video production team, you can spend more time doing more takes till you're happy. 

We also get people to focus on pre-production rather than post-production. As a lot of the effects people are after can be added to PowerPoint or completed during the recording session. 

Finally, for more advanced editing, we find most clients move the videos into FinalCut Pro, or Premiere Pro as these bits of software have advanced algorithms (e.g. removing background noise, contrast editing, etc..).