How to setup and use Elgato stream deck


Version 1.0 – July 2021 





stream deck is a range of customizable USB control panels for triggering actions in Windows applications. 

When used with a Rapidmooc studio, this makes the most common actions (such as pause, start, stop) more accessible and easier to use for the speaker. 



The Rapidmooc studio must be connected to the internet for the installation procedure. 

Connecting the Stream Deck to the Rapidmooc studio 

The Stream Deck device has a USB cable that you can plug into the back of the Rapidmooc studio. 

Windows will then automatically detect Stream Deck and install the USB driver. 

Installing the Stream Deck software 

The stream deck software is required to associate actions with keys. 

Open a browser and navigate to the address below: 

Then select the Stream Deck and Windows operating system as below. Click on the Show all button. 


Scroll down the page until you find the Stream Deck application. Click on the “For Windows, version 5.0.1” button to start downloading. 


Once the download is complete, open the download folder with the file explorer and start the installation program. 


Follow the instructions to complete the installation process. 


The stream deck application will launch automatically at the end of the installation. 

Set up your keyboard shortcuts 

The Stream Deck application window is divided into two parts: on the left the buttons of your control panel and on the right the possible actions. 




Scroll down on the right panel until you reach the System actions. Drag and drop the hotkey action onto one of the control panel keys. 


Then select the keyboard shortcut to be associated with the buttonThe example below configures the space bar shortcut to pause the teleprompter.  


Once the keyboard shortcuts have been configured, leave the Stream Deck application. 

Then launch the Rapidmooc application to test that the stream deck buttons work properly.