Leveraging a PowerPoint presentation  without connecting a laptop  

V1.0 – April 2021

Why use PowerPoint locally? 

  • No further need to plug a laptop via HDMI to play a PPT presentation 
  • The teleprompter can automatically control the flow of your slides (slide show) 
  • The position and size of the camera can be defined directly in the PPT slides 
  • Automate your recordings with the combined optional text to speech add on 


  • PowerPoint must be installed on your Rapidmooc studio with an active Office 365 license 
  • When first opening PowerPoint on your studio, choose the OpenXML option 

PowerPoint and Rapidmooc setup 

PowerPoint setup 

This setup must be performed when first using PowerPoint on your studio: start PowerPoint and open a presentation. Go to « Slide Show » and select «Monitor 1 BMD HDMI » in the monitor menu.


Rapidmooc application setup 

Using the PowerPoint application installed on your Rapidmooc studio is currently available in the Beta version only. It must first be activated in the Settings screen accessible from the home page.  

Then click on « Additional Features » and switch on « Playing Powerpoint files locally enabled (requires Powerpoint app installed) » 

Select a PowerPoint Presentation 

In the Rapidmooc Application, click on the « content Source » button and then « Load a Powerpoint » 

window appears to select the PowerPoint file.


After clicking « Open », the PowerPoint presentation will appear automatically in the background as shown below. 

Upload the teleprompter text 

When uploading the PowerPoint file, the Rapidmooc application will automatically detect the presence of slide notes. If such slide notes are detected, a message will appear to allow for these slides notes to be uploaded to the teleprompter.

Once uploaded, the text will appear within the teleprompter with a [SLIDE #] marker for each slide. 

Controlling the slide show 

Manual control mode 

With the keyboard 

• Use the « right arrow » to move to the next slide 

• Use the « left arrow» to move back to the previous slides 

With the studio remote control 

• Use the « right arrow » to move to the next slide 

• Use the « left arrow» to move back to the previous slides

Automated control mode 

In the automated control mode, switching to the next slide is controlled by the [SLIDE] action trigger,  the switch will occur when the teleprompter reading marker goes over the trigger. 

Using the display areas 

What is a display area? 

Display areas allow to play with the size and position of the camera capture within the Powerpoint  slides while recording. Display areas are created directly in the PowerPoint application. You just need to draw the desired shapes as shown in the capture below. While recording with your  Rapidmooc studio, these display areas will be replaced by the camera feed.


It is an alternative system to the scene template function available in your studio that is not yet fully  compatible with using a presentation emanating from your studio local PowerPoint. 

Create Display Areas in PowerPoint 

Open a PowerPoint presentation and select the slide on which you wish to create a display area. Click on « insert » and then select « Shape ». Choose a « Rectangle » or « Round » shape. 

Adjust the shape size and position using PowerPoint controls. If choosing a rectangular shape, you can orientate it in landscape or portrait mode.


Once the shape is created, it is necessary to fill it in with the « pure » red color, RGB 255,0,0. This will allow the Rapidmooc application to clearly identify the shapes and not to mistake them for other elements of your presentation. 

To fill the shape, click on « Fill »

Select the pure red if it is already available in the Theme Colors. If not or if unsure, click on « More Fill Colors… ». 

Choose RGB sliders and input the following values 

- Red : 255 

- Green : 0 

- Blue : 0 

Then click « Ok » to validate.

Use the display areas in Rapidmooc 

Close PowerPoint and go back to the Rapidmooc application.


Upload the PowerPoint presentation as explained previously in this document. 

The display area created in the PowerPoint presentation will automatically be replaced by the camera feed as shown below.


If a display area is available on the next slide, it will automatically be applied. 

If there is no display area, the current display will remain active. 

Current Limitations 

Not all the video modes available on your studio are currently compatible while using the PowerPoint application installed on your studio. The compatible video modes are: green screen, augmented reality and Picture-in-picture (PIP). The presentation will always show in full-screen mode except for the PIP one.