LED-Settings: Lighting optimisation 


1. Unfold and assemble the green screen, clipping it onto the magnetic carrying handle that is attached to the top of the tripod. 

2. Assemble the 4 LED lights and their accompanying tripods. 


Positioning the LED lights correctly: 

1. Set up 2 LED lights on either side of the Rapidmooc studio, making sure to position them as high as possible as well as in the direction of the speaker. This should shine light slightly on the speaker from above, which is especially important if the speaker is wearing glasses to avoid possible mirror effects in the video. 

2. Set up the remaining 2 LED lights on either side of the green screen:

    - The lights should be facing the screen, positioned at around chest height so they shine evenly on both sides of the green screen. This will prevent any shadows that would be cast by the speaker.

    - Between the two lights there is now a 'lighting line' in which the speaker should always be in front of in order to avoid overexposure in the video. It is worth marking this line with tape on the floor (see image below).


Top view: Side view: 

Adjusting the light heat and light intensity:

For each LED light, you can adjust both the light warmth (in Kelvin) and the light intensity (in%) on the back. 

1. Light warmth: 

- We recommend a reference value of approx. 5600K on all 4 LED lights. 

2. Light intensity 

- We recommend a reference value of 80-90% on the 2 LED lights next to the studio. 

- We recommend a reference value of 40-50% on the 2 LED lights next to the green screen.


These guideline values can vary depending on the ceiling lights in the room or other external conditions. In addition to the green screen settings (see “HowTo - Green screen settings”), the light settings can contribute significantly to improving the immersion quality.