Green screen settings 


1.Switch on the LED lights and set them correctly (see “How To - LED settings”). The LED lights will maintain their previous settings even after they have been switched on and off.  

2.  If you plan to use your own lights during the recording, you should switch them on at this point.

3. Now select “Green Screen” under “Recording Mode”.




Defining the colour tone of the green screen: 

1. Step away from the camera to ensure you are not standing in front of the Rapidmooc or visible on the screen.


2. Do not connect any terminal device to the Rapidmooc via HDMI cable or disconnect your external device - avoid prompting the “No Signal” sign on the Rapidmooc screen.

3. Now press the button “Pick green screen colour”: The Rapidmooc app now automatically detects the exact colour tone of your Green Screen via the Video Mixer  (auto picker function) and saves it for the next video recordings. 

Optimising the immersion: 

1. Connect your device to the Rapidmooc via HDMI cable so the Rapidmooc screen starts displaying your content.

2. Step back into the camera frame so you are embedded in your content

3. Fine-tune the immersion quality with the following 3 settings until you are satisfied  with the quality:  

- Foreground: Reference value of 10% 

- Background: Reference value of 40% 

- Edge: Reference value of 100% 

Depending on the colour of the speakers' hair or clothing, reference values may change. The three cursors allow you to adapt the green screen immersion to external conditions and thus achieve the best possible quality in each video.